Lewis Hamilton wins Eifel Grand Prix and equals Michael Schumacher in wins

Lewis Hamilton wins Eifel Grand Prix and equals Michael Schumacher in wins

October 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The British pilot won his 91st victory and, due to the retirement of Valtteri Bottas, practically secured a victory in the championship.

On Sunday, October 11, the Eifel Grand Prix took place – the 11th stage of the Formula 1 World Championship. The main result of the race was the victory of Lewis Hamilton, which became for him 91st in his career, which made it possible to repeat the record of Michael Schumacher. After the start of Mercedes’ second helot, Valtteri Bottas retained the lead, followed by Red Bull’s Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

Hamilton did not let go of his teammate and soon passed it confidently. In this episode, Bottas damaged his tires and went to the mechanics. And soon, Bottas’ car had problems with the power plant, which forced him to get off. After his victory, Hamilton scored 230 points and was ahead of Valtteri by 69 points. For 6 stages before the finish, there is practically no intrigue in the fight for the champion title. Max Verstappen finished confidently in second place. The top three was confidently closed by Daniel Riccardo, who was finally able to bring Renault to the podium. Prior to that, Riccardo had several finishes in 4th place.

Sergio Perez of Racing Point crossed the finish line in fourth. The McLaren team was able to rehabilitate for the failed stage in Sochi – its pilot Carlos Sainz took 5th position.
Lando Norris could have brought the team extra points, but due to engine problems he had to get off. Due to the departure of Norris, a safety car appeared on the track, which gathered the peloton and allowed many riders to get fresh tires. This greatly revitalized the struggle in the last few quarters.

An excellent race was led by Pierre Gasly from Alfa Tauri, who finished in 6th place due to the successful tactics and confident behavior of the car on a hard type of rubber. Recall that the Frenchman left the 12th position in the race. Charles Leclair from Ferrari finished seventh. At the Eifel Grand Prix, the progress of the legendary Italian team can be noted – the red cars fought in the top ten. Whether this is a one-time promotion will become clear at the next Grand Prix.

Niko Hulkenberg, who replaced the ailing Lance Stroll, finished in 8th place. This result can be considered very successful, as the German driver found out about his participation several hours before qualifying. Because of this, a full car fit was not even performed. Closed the TOP-10 Roman Grosjean from “Haas” and Antonio Giovinazzi from “Alfa Romeo”, for whom such a high finish is a rarity.

The race for the Russian pilot “Alfa Tauri” Daniil Kvyat was unsuccessful – after a good start, he damaged the car on the car of the “Red Bull” racer Alexander Albon. After the appearance of the safety car, Kvyat was also unable to make a breakthrough.