Lewis Hamilton Today is not our day

Lewis Hamilton Today is not our day

September 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Mercedes did everything possible to overtake Charles Lecler and win at Monza, but finished second and third. The team hopes to recoup in the next race …

Valtteri Bottas (2nd): “I tried all the ways to get closer to Charles and attack him in the last laps, but this weekend the Ferrari car is very fast on the lines, it was difficult to catch up. I attacked as best I could, but when approaching, the front tires were blocked.

Today we performed well, although it’s a shame that we did not win. We arrived in Monza, knowing that this is the most difficult race for us, but still we were able to impose a fight Ferrari. From this point of view, the race was successful, we are leaving Italy in a good mood. Theoretically, the following tracks should be more suitable for our car, I look forward to a new match with Ferrari and Red Bull Racing. “

Lewis Hamilton (3rd): “Congratulations to Charles – he did a great job, especially under the pressure that Valtteri and I put on him. Ferrari is very fast on straight lines, so it was difficult to stay on the attack distance. In my opinion, today is not our day. It’s always a shame to chase another car, not being able to become a leader. In the end, we earned a lot of points in the Cup of designers, and this is important.

I don’t think that the next race will be simple for us – in a week we will return to base and will follow the same scheme as usual: look for ways to improve the car and the way it works during the weekend. I hope that in Singapore we can deal with everything better. Personally, I enjoy our fight with Ferrari and Red Bull Racing – and I want it to continue. ”

Toto Wolff, team leader: “First of all, congratulations to Charles – he performed well in the race, this weekend the fastest car was at Ferrari. Today we launched everything that we had, and as I said before the start, if I knew that we would finish second and third in Monza, then this result perfectly suited me. Of course, we wanted to win, but everyone saw how happy Tifozi was the first victory of Ferrari on this track for a long time.

The Grand Prix in Spa and Monza met our expectations in terms of complexity, but we still achieved good results and earned a lot of points before the away stages, increasing the advantage in the Cup of designers. The next race is in Singapore, and we must be competitive there, but the same can be said for Red Bull Racing. We look forward to the next race and want to show them what we are capable of. “

Andrew Shovlin, chief racing engineer: “It’s a shame that almost all of the race one of our cars went right behind Charles, but we could not get ahead of him. However, sometimes it happens. Lewis had to try to get ahead of him due to the strategy, when he created a sufficient gap from Renault, but here the tires are not much degraded, so this option is not as effective as on some other routes. Lewis attacked perfectly in the fourth corner, but Charles aggressively defended. If you really assess the situation, then this was the best chance for Lewis to win the race.

For most of the segment, Lewis heavily loaded the tires, so it was not a surprise for us when in the last laps they began to lose efficiency. We were able to leave Valtteri on the track for a longer time so that he would get an advantage in the tire resource, but this was not enough, and after that we had nothing else left.

We know what we have to work with: our pace in qualification has fallen compared to the beginning of the season, and we need more speed on the line. We have long known this, but after two past Grand Prix everyone in Brackley and Brixworth want to deal with these problems.

The next race will be held in Singapore, where the track is different from Monza, but it is also quite difficult. “We are eager for victories and will work hard to come to Singapore in better shape.”