Lewis Hamilton: Title not yet won

Lewis Hamilton: Title not yet won

September 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Before the start of the summer break, it seemed that no one could stop Lewis Hamilton from winning the title, but three consecutive victories of Ferrari left some hope for intrigue. After the race in Singapore, Lewis admitted that the fight for the title is not over yet.

Lewis Hamilton: “I am a realist, so I perfectly understand the situation in which we found ourselves. Ferrari has prepared new products that have worked. Perhaps they had a good car throughout the season, but they could not bring it into the correct operating range.

Who knows what eventually worked, but it is unlikely that any new items would immediately provide them with an increase of 20-30 points of downforce. Most likely, something else allowed them to show the speed they demonstrated in Singapore.

Obviously, the Ferrari is efficient on any type of track, so it’s hard to get ahead of them, especially considering their high speed on straight lines. At the moment, we are not able to force them to fight on the straight lines.

In the past, we have already managed to win with not the fastest car, but for this we need to give all our best during the weekend. Ferrari is doing better now. In Singapore, I did everything right in the first segment and led the race, but then the team and I worked not so well. You need to regroup, work hard and move forward.

It’s getting harder and harder every season, so we need to work better. The team did an excellent job at the beginning of the season and was able to create a serious lead. But despite the gap, I have no illusions – the title has not yet been won. ”