Lewis Hamilton received a paratrooper license

Lewis Hamilton received a paratrooper license

February 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Lewis Hamilton once again surprised his fans, and someone was pleased, and someone made a little jittery, because he published a photo on social networks, in which he was captured in a state of free fall somewhere high in the sky, and, judging by everything This occupation gives him incredible pleasure.

“Got a skydiving license! – with pride commented Lewis this picture. – The feeling of free fall is something incredible. When I surfed and jumped with a parachute, and even on the same day, nothing could be better presented. Have you ever jumped with a parachute? If not, then cast off the fear – and forward! ”

The fact that Lewis does not hold courage, everyone knows, otherwise he would not have become a five-time world champion. Traction to extreme sports is quite consistent with his character, and you can only be happy for him, but the question is: how happy is the leadership of the Mercedes team?

I remember that Mark Webber broke his leg at the end of 2008, only participating in a cyclo-cross during the Tasmania Challenge competition, however, due to an extremely unfortunate coincidence, he was the victim of an accident. He was hit by an SUV, as a result of the Australian racer Red Bull Racing was in the hospital in the offseason and let the team down. We must pay tribute to his dedication and will, because by the beginning of the championship he had fully recovered and returned to service. In this case, riding a bike, even over rough terrain, is still not so extreme as compared to skydiving, especially in the mode that Lewis likes the most.

However, if the contract Hamilton with Mercedes does not stipulate that he is forbidden to do such things, he has every right to do whatever he pleases. Again, we remember that we waited for official news about the extension of his contract for quite a long time, although the parties asserted that they had already agreed on almost everything and that was a little.

Why not assume that just then Lewis tried to bargain for himself the maximum freedom of action, which he now uses.