Lewis Hamilton: I am proud of our team

Lewis Hamilton: I am proud of our team

May 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In Barcelona, ​​Mercedes drivers won the fifth winning season of the season, Lewis Hamilton won the race, got an extra point for the best lap – and once again became the leader of the individual competition …

Lewis Hamilton (1st): “An incredible day for the team. We brought new products to Barcelona – all worked hard to prepare them in time. I am proud of our staff at the base and thank them for these efforts. The guys on the track work fine – thanks to them for that!

When the lights went out, I started well, and we drove up to the first corner in a tight group. It seems to me, at some point, Ferrari were also nearby – it turned out to be an interesting match, which played a key role in the race. Then you had to keep cool and ideally drive through each circle.

I want to dedicate this victory to Harry – a five-year-old cancer patient who sent me a message today. He inspired me. He could have chosen any other driver, but in the most difficult period for himself, he sent such a message to me – it touched me, and I appreciate it. I want to share my love with you, Harry. ”

Valtteri Bottas (2nd): “At the start there was a problem with the clutch: it vibrated, and it seemed that it constantly grabbed, then switched off again, so I had a bad start. Unfortunately, already at the start it spoiled all the hard work for me this weekend. But sometimes it happens. We have a strong team, we are investigating the cause of the problems so that it does not happen again in the future.

Today is not the best day for me personally, but for the team the weekend was very successful. Congratulations to Lewis on his victory – today he had a great racing pace. I take my hat off to each of our employees in Brackley, Brixworth and on the highway. I look forward to the race in Monaco – there is a unique track and completely different difficulties, so it is impossible to predict which team will perform there the best. “

Toto Wolff, team leader: “Every year we push the boundaries of opportunity, and it’s great when everything starts to turn out after problems in the winter tests. Today we saw a strong Lewis, he was fast from the very beginning of the race. Valtteri missed the lead at the start: he said that the clutch behaved somehow strange, and we need to figure it out. After the first turn, the race went relatively calmly.

This is the last race for Dieter Zetsche as Daimler CEO. There are not so many executive directors who inspired a group of people as much as he did. He trusted us to represent this fantastic brand, and we do it with great pride. Dieter endured several difficult early years, when Mercedes returned to Formula 1 as a factory team, but did not leave the sport. It’s great to see him today on the podium – he deserved it, because it was he who laid the foundations of our success.

We know that the next race will be difficult for us. We are preparing for each race separately and are now working hard before the Grand Prix of Monaco “.

Andrew Shovlin, chief race engineer: “To win another double victory in Barcelona is an amazing result, especially if you remember how slim our chances seemed during the winter tests on this track. The team fine-tuned the car – I think that today the track approached us, but in some of the following races we will have more difficult. The key role played start when Lewis beat Valtteri, but they both defended well from Vettel and avoided contact in the first turn.

Before the race we planned to implement a strategy with one pit stop, so in the first segment both drivers had to take care of the tires. It seemed to us that those who rode behind switched to a strategy with two stops in the pits, so we asked the riders to inflate the pace to maintain a big lead. But because of this, our tires began to degrade, and we were forced to change them.

We were going to drive on the Medium tires to the finish line, so both drivers didn’t load the tires much. When Verstappen drove into the pits on the 44th round, we had the opportunity to transfer both riders to a strategy with two pit stops, so as not to risk the fact that at the end of the race they did not have enough tire resource.

We already had a pit stop Bottas and were going to call in the pits of Lewis, when I left the car security. After that, everything went easy. Both riders tried to drive a quick lap, and Lewis eventually succeeded. After that, we tried to get to the finish line without any problems. ”