Lewis Hamilton for the speed tests on the awards do not give

Lewis Hamilton for the speed tests on the awards do not give

March 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Lewis Hamilton confirmed that the Ferrari car is really faster than Mercedes, but he believes in the ability of his team to cope with all the tasks that it faces at this stage of preparation for the season.

“Potentially, they are faster for half a second, something about this,” admitted the five-time world champion when asked about the advantage of Scuderia. – But we will intensively engage in the analysis of information collected on the tests, and before the first race we will try to make some changes to the configuration of the machine.

It is clear that we do not have much time, but for this week of tests, due to the fact that we already better understand the features of the car, we can hope that we will be able to play another tenth. You can’t call it a completely new W10, it should be thoroughly tested and tested, and now we will receive various new components.

We really do not know what the alignment of forces is, because everyone uses different engine operating modes and works with different fuel loads, so something will become clear only in Melbourne, but it will take about four races before it becomes clear what positions we occupy.

Tests are tests. For the fact that someone is quick on the tests, the awards do not give, so it does not really matter. It is important to show the highest possible speeds on Saturday on the eve of the race in Melbourne. The car has potential, so we have to work hard. But I believe that the team will cope with the task. We work even more smoothly than ever. We are waiting for a very intense fight, so that the fans will be interesting.

As for Ferrari, while they show a very good pace, so that we face a more difficult task than ever. ”