Lewis Hamilton decided to test the pre-production version of the hypercar Mercedes-AMG One

Lewis Hamilton decided to test the pre-production version of the hypercar Mercedes-AMG One

December 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The famous racer visited the center of the German brand and decided to personally test the Mercedes-AMG One hypercar not yet presented.

The German Mercedes-AMG One hypercar, which costs $ 2.7 million, has not yet been officially unveiled, but nevertheless has already been able to prove that it is one of the fastest cars at the moment. If you have not heard, the Mercedes team successfully dominated the 2019 F1 racing season, winning the 2019 Design Championships by a wide margin from the closest competitors.

At the beginning of his 6th Formula 1 championship, the pilot of the Mercedes F1 team Lewis Hamilton decided to visit the center of Mercedes-AMG One to personally test the latest hypercar of the German automaker in action.

Currently, a team of German engineers is working hard on testing their latest hypercar and several times checking each of its systems – from fully electric mode to “race” mode, when the entire car demonstrates its maximum performance. Mercedes-AMG One is equipped with a road version of the hybrid powertrain, the basis of which is the most powerful V6 engine with a working volume of only 1.6 liters, which is used in this Mercedes F1 racing car. It is worth noting that the automaker’s engineers took a lot of time to adapt the F1 F1 hybrid motor for a new hypercar, which, unlike the same car, is allowed to travel on public roads.

 The fact is that the Mercedes-AMG One hypercar engine was originally designed to idle at a speed of 5,000 rpm. Then there is the problem of starting this engine, the fact is that the pilots of the F1 racing car can not afford to just turn the key to start their engines. Instead, these well-designed motors need to be slowly warmed up with an external water pump and put into action through an external starter.

 The Mercedes-AMG One hypercar looks almost ready for production – according to Lewis Hamilton, the Mercedes-AMG One sounds the same as its F1 car from the inside, and since no one invites me to drive a Mercedes F1 car, we will take his word for it.