Level 4 autopilot may be legalized in Germany from 2021

Level 4 autopilot may be legalized in Germany from 2021

July 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The German government is preparing a bill to regulate the operation of vehicles with autonomous driving systems.

According to the published report, the German government is going to pass a law on the operation of cars with autonomous control systems of the 4th level. If the law comes into force, it will become the first document in the future legal framework governing not only cars with autopilots, but also robotaxi and road traffic in general. According to preliminary estimates of experts, this may happen as early as 2021.

The bill is currently undergoing numerous checks and revisions. The document, together with the amendments made, will be submitted to the cabinet of ministers, and then – for consideration by members of parliament and the upper house. It should be understood that this goes beyond road prototypes and tests and is directly aimed at commercializing autonomous vehicles.

Of course, such a bill will initially operate only on the territory of Germany itself, but it is expected that the example of this country will be followed by other members of the European Union and other countries. Recall that the autopilot of the 4th level allows the car to independently make decisions about the beginning and end of movement, rebuilding within the lane markings and only requires a person to be behind the wheel and be ready to take control of the car at any time.