LEVC has unveiled its new van VN5

LEVC has unveiled its new van VN5

March 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The LEVC VN5 van is based on the London TX taxi and boasts an all-electric transmission with a range of over 96 km.

More information has come about the new van from the London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC). The model, which should go on sale at the end of the year, will be called the LEVC VN5. The new name is similar to the name of the taxi TX, with which it shares its chassis. As expected, VN in the name indicates a van, and the number 5 indicates a cargo volume of five cubic meters.

LEVC also confirmed more information regarding the loading area and equipment that we can see on VN5. As standard, the VN5 will have one side door and swing doors at the rear. There is enough space in the cabin to accommodate two Euro pallets. The VN5 has a load capacity of just over 800 kg to help LEVC compete in what the company describes as the “new solid electric van.”


VN5 will lead the LEVC transition from a taxi manufacturer to a commercial vehicle manufacturer. LEVC claims that once the van is launched, it will strive to ensure that the production of LCV is 70% of its capacity, and the plant in Ansti, near Coventry, could produce 20,000 cars per year. The company also plans to expand to 20 markets by the end of 2020 and create a dealer network, which means that no buyer will be more than 45 minutes from the official franchise.

The VN5 is powered by a hybrid E-City system like the TX taxi. This means that the drive is driven by an electric motor and battery, which is supported by a three-cylinder gasoline engine. The electric van will be able to drive more than 96 km through the WLTP cycle, which is twice as much as the Ford Transit Custom PHEV.

Like the TX, the VN5 uses an aluminum casing coated with impact-resistant plastic panels for added durability. The battery and electrical components are under the floor, and the engine is under the hood. The front has the same design as the TX, so there are CSS and Chademo charging ports on both sides of the grill, and the battery can be charged in just half an hour from a 50 kW charging source.

VN5 has new body panels that create a square and uniform load zone. LEVC will offer many loading options, including a second sliding door, roof racks and the ability to install inside existing shelving systems. At the moment, there is a uniform body style, but LEVC is considering other options, such as a long body, high roof and, possibly, even the MPV version.