Leo Turini that Ferrari are preparing for revenge

Leo Turini that Ferrari are preparing for revenge

March 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Leo Turini has long-standing ties with Maranello, and he often has interesting information from reliable sources. At this time, a veteran of the Italian racing journalism shared some information about the mood among the engineers of Ferrari, and this should give optimism to the fans of this team.

They – there, in Maranello – say they understood what was the matter. In general, Mattia Binotto is preparing the operation “Desert Storm”. In the original version, she was commanded by American General Colin Powell. Now we are waiting for such a storm in the Sakhir Bahraini circuit.

Personally, I do not know what they understood there, what exactly was the cause of the fiasco in Australia.

Power point? Settings? Unsuccessful aerodynamic solutions? Locust invasion? Bad astrological forecast? ..

But I am ready to say at least that: I do not see that the guys working under Binotto’s submission would panic. And this is a very important point, if we talk about approaches to business.

At the same time I urge everyone to be balanced judgments – do not confuse a straw with a log. I apologize in advance to those who think differently from me – you have every right to do so.

By “log”, I mean the speed of the SF90 in Melbourne. A “straw” – the fact that Lecler at the end of the race ordered to slow down and go for Vettel.

In qualifying, Sebastian was definitely faster partner, it is a fact that you can not argue. Even before Christmas, I wrote that in such situations it does not matter at all which of the Ferrari racers finishes fourth, and who – the fifth. Anyway, for me.

Therefore, I propose to wait for the results of Operation Desert Storm.