Leo Turini on the victory of Sebastian Vettel

Leo Turini on the victory of Sebastian Vettel

September 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Leo Turini, a veteran of Italian racing journalism, commented on Sebastian Vettel’s victory in Singapore in his own way, reminding everyone of quite obvious things that, unfortunately, are often forgotten.

I am very happy for Sebastian Vettel. He chose the perfect backdrop, Singapore’s magical night, to escape from the fire of criticism, which was definitely unveiled too early on it.

Moreover. It seems to me that everyone who is not indifferent not only to car racing, but to sport in general, should feel joy now.

I’m not talking about those who always grumble, for whom this is a permanent state. There are people who just do that every day they accumulate annoyance, and then it splashes out one way or another.

Let me explain. Two weeks ago, I wrote that after the failure in Monza, Vettel had the only way out: to answer everyone on the track. Because that’s what real champions do. Their reaction is not in words, but in results.

I would like to add something else. I have always believed that people who have achieved a lot – in every sense, not only at the wheel of a car – deserve a respectful attitude, moreover, a real one, not a show one. This, for example, applies to sports heroes such as the illustrious skier Alberto Tomba, or Valentino Rossi, the seven-time MotoGP champion.

Vettel in his career has won four titles. This does not happen by accident. This is all the more worth remembering now, when he began to have obvious difficulties, when he began to make mistakes. Still, we must pay tribute to Sebastian for what he did for Ferrari, when the team had a difficult period. And human ingratitude never led to anything good.

Now I have stated my position. Of course, I understand the disappointment of Charles Leclair, who really wanted to win a third victory. This is normal, but it ended more or less well for him.

And, of course, it’s very cool that the team from Maranello achieved such success. Everyone, including myself, believed that in Singapore she would have a hard time. But Mattia Binotto remained angelic calm and he managed to almost a miracle. True, it took months of work, and the championship was essentially lost before the summer, but I am pleased that in Scuderia they were finally able to deal with the problems.

My judgments are often very harsh, which, of course, is explained solely by an excess of love for everyone who is at the helm in Maranello. Well, they answered in the same way as Vettel – with results.

Alas, the title will go to Hamilton, you have to put up with it. But thanks to Ferrari, the coming autumn promises to be a happy time!