Leo Turini about the situation in Ferrari

Leo Turini about the situation in Ferrari

April 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Italian journalist Leo Turini is usually well aware of the affairs of Ferrari – simply because it communicates directly with people working on the basis of the team in Maranello. According to him, Scuderia is already in Baku to present new items, which were originally planned to be prepared only for the Spanish stage of the championship.

Anyone who is interested in how things really are in the favorite team of Ferrari, I answer that I do not have a magic crystal. However, I do not want them to get.

By the way, I noticed an interesting trend: everything is simplified on the Internet. Here is an example.

If I write the phrase “Ferrari thinks they understand the causes of the crisis” in my blog or somewhere else, then in the end there are some formulations: Leo Turini assured me that Ferrari had overcome the crisis.

Of course, that would be fine, but for me it is important that there is no misunderstanding, at least for those who share information with me.

With the introduction finished, turn to the case. I communicate with people who are directly involved in solving problems on an SF90 machine. And when I ask them on a 10-point scale to assess the chances that things will get better, they answer: all 10.

Are they bluffing? I hope no.

It is expected that decisions will be presented in Baku that were planned to be implemented only in front of Barcelona. On the one hand, the rush to the good does not bring, on the other, it is indisputable that in Maranello they cannot afford to lose time, even if there are still 18 races ahead.

They tell me about optimization, modernization, and so on, but I’ve heard all these stories before. Sometimes they ended well, sometimes not very well.

However, if on Sunday in Baku Scuderia will give everyone a pleasant surprise, it will be great in any case.