Lehto: There should be a sharp and tight fight on the track

Lehto: There should be a sharp and tight fight on the track

September 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

To the joy of the fans, as well as to the general joy of all those who are related to Formula 1, the last few races have been very interesting. Even in Singapore there was an intrigue, although we did not see a particularly vivid struggle in the group of leaders.

But in the middle of the peloton there were a lot of overtaking, there were even more attempts of such maneuvers, some of which ended in accidents and gatherings. It seems that the riders began to act a little bolder, especially since the FIA’s policy regarding the struggle on the track is becoming a little more liberal.

Two weeks ago in Monza, Charles Lecler repulsed the attacks of Lewis Hamilton in a manner that many considered ambiguous, but all was limited to the fact that the Ferrari pilot was shown a black and white flag – the racing equivalent of a yellow football card.

Opinions on this subject were divided, someone considers this a very correct approach, someone fears that pushing the limits, the FIA ​​will provoke riders into dangerous actions on the track.

Former Formula 1 driver Jyrki Järvilehto, better known as JJ Lehto, clearly belongs to the first camp: “Everyone has their own opinion about all these situations, but personally I like a sharp and tight fight on the track, but it’s important to stay in framework.

All these young guys have been karting since a very young age, and everyone has a very rich racing experience. Since childhood, they used to fight on the track literally wheel to wheel, but now they already have experience of several seasons in the World Cup.

When Hamilton calmly and by a large margin leads the race, and the rivals follow him, trying to act as carefully as possible, this is not Formula 1. A bright fight should be on the track, tight and sharp – but within the rules. ”