Lego will release the 1989 Batman car

Lego will release the 1989 Batman car

November 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Batmobile will consist of 3306 objects. Lego created a new designer – the black Batmobile 1989 from the Tim Burton movie.

The toy is equipped with characters, weapons and a rotating stand, which you also need to build. There is also an information plate with vehicle statistics. A Lego set of 3306 units priced at $ 249.99 is an exact replica of the Batmobile.

The car differs from a standard children’s toy with an opening cabin, a windshield and a pair of hidden automatic machines. In fact, Lego calls it the “adult model car kit.” The weapon on board is Batarang, a pistol for Batman and a pistol for the Joker.

There are hidden machine guns in the car that appear when you rotate the turbine exhaust, plus a pair of grappling hooks, which, as Lego points out, are “decorative,” and Bat logos on wheels. The Lego revolving brick stand says, “I haven’t grown.”

    The 1989 Batmobile is 23 inches long, eight inches wide, and four inches high. It can be ordered or purchased at stores selling Lego products starting November 29th.