Lego Tesla Cybertruck Kit May Come True

Lego Tesla Cybertruck Kit May Come True

January 27, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A threshold of 10,000 votes means that Lego, at least, will consider the possibility of its production, and it is better for them to include a miniature figure of Ilon Mask in the kit.

Although Tesla Cybertruck Tesla received many criticisms, 10,000 Lego fans voted for a plastic brick version to exist. This is the threshold of voting, which the fan conceptual model reached on the portal Lego Ideas, the official channel of the company through which anyone can have their own version of the Lego set.

    Although receiving 10,000 votes is not a guarantee that the model will ever be produced and sold, it does mean that Lego employees will now carefully consider the concept and decide whether the company will implement this project.

The model itself is the work of the famous builder Lego, who calls himself BrickinNick. He is currently working on another Lego Ideas project featuring Winnie the Pooh and Tiger, which has received 1,700 support votes since its launch last June. In comparison, Cybertruck received his first 1000 supporters in just three days.

BrickinNick admitted to having long been a fan of the aesthetics of Tesla and Cybertruck, and created his original Cybertruck model during a 24-hour live broadcast on his Twitch channel. According to him, only the area around the headlights went through almost 10 modifications before he was satisfied with the final result.

    “Oddly enough, there were several moments when I wanted to completely abandon the assembly because of its complexity. Unlike metal, you cannot bend Lego at any angle you like and find the right combination of parts and assembly techniques that fit the Cybertruck shape turned out to be incredibly difficult, ”he said in an interview with a foreign publication. Lego Ideas has and other suggestions by Cybertruck, but BrickinNick believes that just what his idea was first attracted so much attention to the model. As its popularity grows, the designer added to his idea such “bonuses” as mini-figures of Tesla CEO Ilon Mask and designer Franz von Holzhausen, who holds a sledgehammer and a metal ball, and also added a small version of the Tesla CyberQuad ATV.

Regardless of whether Cybertruck’s idea comes true, Nick has released a video showing how to create a miniature version of Cybertruck.