LEGO launches the super cool Harley Fat Boy Creator set

LEGO launches the super cool Harley Fat Boy Creator set

July 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Brand 2019 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy for about $ 100? No problem! Unless you don’t mind it being made from tiny plastic blocks.

LEGO teamed up with Harley-Davidson to create a smaller plastic copy of the bike. As part of the LEGO Creator Expert line, the Fat Boy is about 12 inches long and consists of 1023 elements. The model has many amazing small details: working steering and brake levers, gear levers, speedometer on the top of the tank, etc.

The tiny Milwaukee Eight engine is packed in a plastic frame with moving internal elements that are connected via a chain to the rear wheel. When you roll the model, the action actually moves the pistons inside the engine.

But on the mini-copies of “Fat Man” LEGO masters did not stop. They assembled a life-size model of tens of thousands of elements to celebrate the launch of the model. This massive sculpture is made of nearly 70,000 bricks, 6,000 of which were made to order for the project. It took 865 hours to make them. He has special silver-plated parts that mimic chrome, WI-FI animation controls (whatever that may be) and a set of sound and light effects that create the illusion of a real working bike. LEGO plans to send LEGO Fat Boy in full size throughout the country to its branded stores and to Harley-Davidson events.

The LEGO Creator Expert Fat Boy will cost customers $ 99 and 99 cents, and will go on sale on August 1, 2019 (July 17 for VIP customers).