Led Zeppelin Presents Hot Wheels Car Collection

Led Zeppelin Presents Hot Wheels Car Collection

December 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Five 1:64 models will soon be available at Hot Wheels stores. These cars represent different periods in the career of the legendary rock band.

A new collection of Hot Wheels cars will appear on store shelves, and fans of the legendary Led Zeppelin group will really like it. The Led Zeppelin Hot Wheels car collection consists of five injection-molded collectibles, each of which represents a specific period of time throughout the group’s career.
The first is called “Haulin ‘Gas,” and it is a black silver tour bus of the late 1960s. The tour bus tells of the Hindenberg disaster from the band’s self-titled debut album, which was released January 12, 1969 in the United States and March 31 in the United Kingdom.

Next up is “Super Van”, which was created in the style of Hot Wheels Real Riders and got the name of the group, written in pink font “corporate” with the smoke that was present on the cover of Led Zeppelin II. The back of the van is labeled “Brown Bomber.” Moreover, “LOTALUV” is written on the dressing table – this pays tribute to Led Zeppelin’s song “Whole Lotta Love”.

 The third car in the series is a white van called “Combat Medic,” decorated in the same psychedelic font as their third album, Led Zeppelin III. Number four is the all-gold 67 Austin Mini Van, which embodies the band’s nameless fourth album. On the panels of the typewriter you can find four characters, each of which represents a member of the group, and on both sides of the van the city landscape from the cover of the plate is depicted.

 Last but not least, this is the Hiway Hauler, a large American flag tourist truck on board that marks the group’s North American tour in 1975. The machine has a Swan Song logo on both sides, which is made in a font that is famous for Led Zeppelin. Each city that the group visited on tour of ’75 can be found on the gas tank.

 Each 1:64 model is an official Hot Wheels product, and all are sold separately. This Led Zeppelin collection is called “Mix 1”, so there might be another launch of another similar LZ Hot Wheels series. Hot Wheels has already released cars associated with The Beatles and The Grateful Dead.