Leclair: Now I want to perform in real Le Mans

Leclair: Now I want to perform in real Le Mans

June 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

None of the crews performing on Ferrari 488 GTE cars managed to compete for the podium in their class during the virtual Le Mans marathon.

They were chased by various technical problems, but the Ferrari press service was forced to admit that the human factor also played a role: a lot of mistakes were made. The quartet consisting of Miguel Molina, Federico Leo, Amos Laurito and Jordi Zvirsa became the best crew of the Italian team – their car at No. 71 finished 7th in the GTE class.

Shortly before midnight, the car number 51 had to return to the boxes due to software problems affecting the operation of the steering. After midnight, difficulties began with the crew number 52, for which Charles Lecler and Antonio Giovinazzi played. It was a change of Italian rider, and during it there were interruptions in connecting to the server. It was possible to restore it only after seven laps.

Nevertheless, the crew managed to recoup and even get to the second place in the class, but the problems continued, so it was impossible to stay in that position. As a result, the crew finished in 18th place in the GTE class, in 15 laps behind the winners in their category, performing at Porsche No. 53.

Nevertheless, Charles Leclair, who has an impressive army of fans, thanked everyone for their support and assured that he could still enjoy it: “Thank you for being with me all these 24 hours! During the first third of the race, fighting for positions was fun. But when the problems with the server started, it was necessary to at least get to the finish of the race. Nevertheless, we enjoyed it, so now I want to perform in real Le Mans. ”