Lebanon receives Interpol warrant for the arrest of Carlos Ghosn

Lebanon receives Interpol warrant for the arrest of Carlos Ghosn

January 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

We talked about some circumstances of the escape from Japan of the former head of the Renault-Nissan concern Carlos Ghosn, but this story promises to turn into a multi-part detective series. On Thursday, another episode occurred: Interpol sent a warrant for the arrest of Ghosn to Lebanon.

According to Reuters, the warrant has already been received by the country’s internal security forces, and now, in theory, the court should join the situation.

The private plane, in which Ghosn managed to fly out of Japan, landed in Istanbul on the way to Beirut, and Turkey has already begun its investigation of what happened. According to the local press, seven people were arrested – four pilots, a transport company manager and two airport employees. The problem is that the Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs was not informed that there was a runaway Ghosn on board the aircraft, and, accordingly, the border crossing was not registered.

An Interpol warrant is a request for the preliminary arrest of a suspect addressed to the authorities of all countries that this international organization unites. Moreover, Lebanon and Japan do not have an agreement on the mutual extradition of criminals.

Carlos Ghosn has French, Brazilian and Lebanese citizenship, and in this Middle Eastern country he has significant assets invested in real estate and banking. But it is curious that the representative of the French Ministry of Economy has already made a completely official statement that France will not be extradited to Japan by the former head of Renault either.

Ghosn’s press conference is scheduled for January 8, but he made it clear in advance that his family has nothing to do with his escape, as he organized everything on his own. At the same time, two Lebanese lawyers have already sent a request to the official authorities to arrest the fugitive because he visited Israel in January 2008, although this is strictly forbidden to Lebanese citizens. How to respond to such a demand will be decided by the country’s prosecutor’s office.

In addition, it is unclear by what documents Ghosn crossed the state border of Lebanon if, according to official information, all three of his passports were seized in Japan.

As Reuters reported, citing sources close to Ghosn, he decided to escape when he learned that the trial in his case was postponed to April 2021. He denies all allegations of economic abuse.