Laws of big money

Laws of big money

February 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Expensive and steeper hypercar can only be its special version. But even if you have all the money in the world in your hands, you can’t just call the dealer and place an order. Usually, all such cars are sold even before the start of production. How to be among the buyers, if you suddenly want to put in your garage successor LaFerrari or Porsche 918 Spyder? Useful and very interesting advice is given by Ed Bolian, who for six years led the large Lamborghini dealership in Atlanta.

“Inside the LaFerrari there is a sign with the inscription“ 1 \ 499 ”, but in fact it can be cunning, because many believe that the production volume of Ferrari is much more than the declared one. There are always rumors around these numbers, allegedly the serial numbers of some copies are duplicated, but a few years ago I launched an online project called VINwiki, in which you can create a database of cars by VIN numbers.

Service immediately began to use to track rare cars, for example, one of the first we have a list of hypercar Ferrari Enzo. To date, it has more than 490 unique copies, although the company stated that it made only 399 cars, another one was sent to the Vatican for charitable purposes, and several more were transferred to customers in return for those destroyed in accidents.

It turns out that the real output was 25% more and, in fact, it is a deception of the most pompous and privileged customers. Of course, there is nothing particularly to complain about, since over time Enzo has become five times more expensive. And yet, how to be among these “unfortunate”, to improve relations with the manufacturer and get the right to purchase such an exclusive?

It’s no secret that the Porsche 918 Spyder and McLaren P1 initially suffered from a lack of demand, but in the end they were all sold and are now priced at twice the price, and the price of LaFerrari tripled. As you can see, the purchase of such a machine is a profitable investment, so the ability to carry it out precisely will not hurt anyone.

At first glance, getting into the cohort of VIP clients is not so difficult. The principle by which the manufacturer distinguishes them from the total mass can be memorized using the acronym LOVE. L – loyality (i.e. loyalty), O – options, V – volume (number), and E – events (events). If you meet these criteria, you can buy anything.

Rule number 1: loyalty

When I pre-ordered the Enzo, the selection was based on the number of Ferrari purchased by the new dealer. With LaFerrari it became more difficult, and they already comprehensively evaluated the value and quality of your collection. Of course, the requirements of different manufacturers differ, but the first thing to start with is loyalty.

You must be committed to a particular brand, and even better to a particular dealer. To speed up the process, you can even sell cars from other manufacturers. Of course, you need to drive on something, so if you are trying, for example, to gain confidence in McLaren, leave some Mercedes. In general, try to buy sports cars of one specific brand and do not abuse negative reviews.

The manufacturer needs satisfied customers, so forget about the forums and social networks, unless, of course, you are not the owner of Koenigsegg or Pagani. Classic brands love silence and react very strongly if you start to complain publicly.

Moreover, be condescending if something goes wrong. After all, these machines are assembled by hand by living people, and no one is immune from error or marriage. And of course, never sue the manufacturer, it will seriously harm your reputation. It is necessary to find the right balance, after all, this is a mutually beneficial cooperation. You close your eyes to some flaws, and you are allowed to buy an exclusive limited edition.

Rule number 2: options

To get into the field of view of the manufacturer faster, it is advisable to order the car in the most incredible specifications with the maximum number of additional options. Unfortunately, this has a reverse side of the medal, because such machines lose much in price and are unclaimed in the secondary market.

It turns out that you can buy the desired hypercar now, paying at an exorbitant price to its current owner, and you could order it with a new one much cheaper, but before that you would still have to spend a lot of money.

Order the most unpopular models, shove the maximum number of options into them and use the services of exclusive factory customization programs, for example, McLaren Special Operations, Ferrari Tailor Made or Lamborghini Ad Personam.

Ferrari, for example, sells almost 9,000 cars a year and doesn’t take on all customers, but if you order options for $ 200,000 for a regular Portofino convertible, you will definitely be noticed. The main principle is uniqueness. You will have the opportunity to go to the factory, “collect” your specification and stand out from the general mass of buyers, especially if you pay $ 50,000 for some special color that will be called by your name.

By the way, if you often order machines in this way, they will even recognize them on the assembly line. “Aha, this is that Atlanta guy again” – the workers of the conveyor will say something like this. Manufacturers, and sometimes dealers, earn, mainly on options, so that they should be assessed if you raise the base cost of the car by 150-200 thousand dollars.

Rule number 3: number

You have to buy cars, whether you like it or not. For example, Porsche has a lot of various special versions, and if a dealer calls you and offers another, then it is better not to refuse. Otherwise, they will find another customer, and he will be in a better position. And you need to be friends with a dealer!

For example, if you want to attract the attention of Ferrari, it is not enough just to buy the 488 Spider and the 812 Superfast, it is much more noticeable to take in addition to them the GTC4Lusso and Portofino. And it is desirable that all the cars were individualized by Tailor Made. Then you will definitely get a note.

By the way, have a certain weight and approved by the manufacturer used cars. In some cases, it can immediately take you up to VIP status, for example, if you buy a McLaren F1, restored or serviced directly at a factory in England. Then you, for sure, will be able to order the future triple hypercar McLaren Speedtail.

Rule number 4: parties

All manufacturers organize monthly events for which they collect their customers. Racing academies, stages of Formula 1, dealer parties, rally and much more. Invitations to such events will come to you after buying cars, and it is advisable to visit them as often as possible. All this is very expensive, sometimes to the point of absurdity, but this is a great opportunity to shine.

Do not disappear from sight, take part in these meetings and over time the status and quality of the events to which you are invited will grow. They can also be found out about unsold cars. For example, when the demand for McLaren P1 finally went up, the company held about 20 not fully assembled copies.

It happened that some random customer ordered a super-packed McLaren 650S or 675LT and immediately offered to buy P1, however, the price was much higher than the original one.

So, imagine that you want to become a McLaren VIP client right now and cannot live without a Senna hypercar. If you have enough money, then everything is quite simple. You need to come to the dealer and order, for example, 720S, 720S Spider, 570S Spider and 600LT in similar unique specifications that will raise the price of each car by $ 100,000.

You will definitely attract attention and then it’s time to ask: “Listen, I understand that all the Sennes have already been sold, but maybe you can find another one, for example, from a test park? Redo it the same way as the cars that I have already ordered, and if you want, you can use them at exhibitions for some time. ”

You can also add that you are eager to attend all McLaren events and will always wear branded clothing. Most likely, they will immediately find another copy of Senna, and when the time comes to distribute the quota to the successor P1, you will find yourself on the short list of future owners.

In the end, if the hypercar is carefully stored and properly maintained, then on its further sale you can make great money ”