Latifi will hold the first workout in the Spa

Latifi will hold the first workout in the Spa

August 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Williams confirmed – the reserve pilot of the team Nicholas Latifi will drive during the first training session at the Spa …

Nicholas Latifi: “I look forward to the opportunity to hold the first session of free rides in the Spa. After the summer break, I even want to return to the track – the pause seemed to me too long.

Piloting a modern Formula 1 car in the Spa is a unique chance, especially since I did not drive an FW42 after the French stage, and since then the car has changed a lot. This is a good test for me and for the team, allowing you to get another opinion on whether the machine is developing in the right direction.

The task will remain the same – to drive the maximum possible distance and provide the team with high-quality feedback in preparation for the second training session. ”