Latifi: Tests – preparation for Friday’s training

Latifi: Tests – preparation for Friday’s training

May 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

For two days of tests in Barcelona, ​​Nicholas Latifi drove 221 laps behind the wheel of Williams, which will help him in preparation for participation in Friday’s training …

Nicholas Latifi (9th): “I am very pleased with the distance I managed to cover. On the first day I was the leader in terms of the number of laps, and moreover, everything went without a single hitch.

The second day is even more interesting, because I worked with softer formulations of tires. Evaluating the effectiveness of tires and providing feedback to the team is an excellent preparation for Friday’s workouts, in which I will participate later in the course of the season.

These two days in general turned out to be very useful – I could really feel the car, increased the score of the circles I passed and now I am more confident in myself and my actions. ”