Latest information about the Zero SR/F electrocycle

Latest information about the Zero SR/F electrocycle

January 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

More than a month is left before the presentation of the new electric Zero Motorcycle, but various facts and rumors about the new product have already started to emerge. Most likely, Zero SR / F will have a cool design and technical specifications that are not inferior to it.

It became known that an electric battery with a capacity of 20 kWh, which will provide up to 200 km of mixed mileage (highway / city), will be installed on the Zero SR / F electrocycle. At the same time, the electric motor produces 120 hp power. Of course, these are just dry specs. Zero engineers strive to minimize the difference between electric cycles and gasoline counterparts. For this reason, the new motorcycle will be equipped with updated dashboard, corner ABS, the best components.

The promo spotted a neaked (a streetfighter is rumored to be), and the manufacturer is planning a version with a fairing.

In the USA, the new Zero SR / F electric cycle will cost about $ 20,000, if, of course, you believe rumors.

Last year, Zero sold only 750 electric cycles, which is lower than Alta Motors’ retail sales, which closed several months ago. The manufacturer from San Francisco has high hopes for new models, as it wants to gain a foothold in the role of a fundamental manufacturer of electric cycles.