Later competitors: Infiniti announced its first electro-crossover

Later competitors: Infiniti announced its first electro-crossover

December 18, 2018 0 By autotimesnews
INFINITI will preview a vision for its first fully-electric crossover at the 2019 North American International Auto Show in Detroit

In 2019, the Infiniti brand will celebrate its 30th anniversary – the public premiere of the brand was held in 1989 at the Detroit Auto Show. There, thirty years later, the company will show its new model, which will become a pioneer in several directions at once.

First, it will be the first Infiniti all-electric crossover. Secondly, the SUV is built on a new platform designed specifically for electrified cars. And finally, using the example of a crossover, the brand will demonstrate its new corporate identity. True, the SUV will debut as a concept, but it is unlikely that the production version will be very different from its precursor. And the fact that the product will follow, no doubt, because Infiniti can not afford to keep up with competitors: Jaguar already sells electrocrossover I-Pace, Audi launched e-tron, Mercedes is preparing to market EQC, and BMW in 2020, will introduce electric X3.

So far, Infiniti has distributed only one image of a “green” SUV. The name of the prototype is not disclosed, the characteristics are also silent. At the same time, the company noted that the appearance of the electric vehicle combined the features of the previous concepts – the Q Inspiration sedan, presented in January this year, all in the same Detroit, and the speedster Prototype 10, which was shown last summer at the elegance competition in Pebble Beach. In addition, Infiniti said that the platform underlying the crossover involves a new layout of the main units, thanks to which the electric car received a spacious interior.

The first serial electric car Infiniti on the new platform should appear in 2021, only the company did not specify whether it will become a crossover. In general, this platform will form the basis of not only all-electric cars, but also models with a consistent hybrid installation – from 2021 all new Infiniti will be electrified.