Las Vegas hijacked prepared for SEMA Dodge Challenger

Las Vegas hijacked prepared for SEMA Dodge Challenger

November 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Tuned muscle car did not have time to get to the Las Vegas Convention Center

Tuning studio Quintin Brothers Auto and Performance built for SEMA the fierce Dodge Challenger, but even before the show, it fell into the hands of car thieves.

Vermont, an American at Quintin Brothers Auto and Performance, wanted to showcase the Dodge Challenger muscle car at SEMA, equipped with a package of modifications from renowned turbine and drive supercharger manufacturer ProCharger. The car arrived in Las Vegas on a full-size Ford F250 pickup truck with a closed trailer. And they hijacked this pickup – along with a trailer and a muscle car inside. Moreover, the keys to the Challenger were also in the Ford. Having found the loss, the tuners tried to give the incident maximum publicity and, using television, asked local residents to immediately inform the police if they saw a tuned Dodge somewhere. And it worked! Oddly enough, the officers began to receive quite a lot of calls from people meeting the Challenger here and there.

With the help of the coordinated actions of the patrol crews, the location of the stolen compartment was finally established, but its driver decided not to give up and tried to break away from the police. During the chase, he managed to drive him into a multi-tiered parking lot and block the exits, but the muscle car rammed the barrier and sped off. He was chased by 14 police crews, but the hijacker could effortlessly come off and hide in an unknown direction. The rumpled Dodge was later found abandoned, but the hijacker disappeared without a trace. As a result, Quintin Brothers Auto and Performance decided to put the tuned Challenger on the SEMA stand in the state in which it was found after all the adventures.