Large pickups, minivans, too, can cool to drift

Large pickups, minivans, too, can cool to drift

May 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On the foreign YouTube channel Team O’Neil Rally School, the guys from which offer tips and recommendations for potential riders, an interesting and unusual video has appeared. The video titled “How to drive fast with a high center of gravity” explains all the subtleties of fast driving on trucks, SUVs and even minivans.

Obviously, making sharp turns on a vehicle with a high center of gravity, especially at speed, is very risky. High SUVs and trucks have a significantly higher center of gravity than sports cars or regular sedans, which means that they are most likely to tip over with such a maneuver.

 Just because the car is tall does not mean that it cannot cope with this style of driving. Two other important factors are how soft the suspension is and how high and soft the tires themselves are.

If you can push the car from the side with relative ease and swing it from side to side, and if your tires bend over the side walls, you should be most careful when trying to drive fast.

  The surface on which you are driving also greatly affects the risk of tipping over. Free, slippery surfaces, such as gravel and ice, are less of a risk than coarser ones, such as dirt or asphalt. Using all-wheel drive can further reduce the risk of tipping.

  Of course, you should use common sense and not go beyond your abilities and capabilities of your car. If you are on an uneven surface and feel that your vehicle is tipping over, turning in the direction of descent can save you trouble, and turning uphill can make the situation much worse.

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