Lane keeping systems do not inspire confidence

Lane keeping systems do not inspire confidence

October 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Consumers consider electronic driver assistants to be ineffective

Lane control and lane keeping systems are becoming more common, but drivers still do not trust them.

The marking control system is able to warn the driver about inadvertent departure from the lane or when changing the lane without turning on the turn signal. The lane keeping system prevents accidents related to driving out of the occupied lane and, using either the brake system or the electric power steering, adjusts the car so that it drives exactly in the middle of the lane – provided there is a clear marking on both sides of it. However, the American Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) is very skeptical: a new study showed that drivers do not trust these systems.

It was about the system of holding the car in the middle of the lane, and not just the marking control. The work of electronic assistants was checked on the example of 20 cars: Mercedes-Benz E300, Infiniti QX50, Volvo S90, BMW 530i and Tesla Model S. Test participants complained about the too rude work of the system, which sometimes quenched them for no apparent reason, and some noted that the obsessive the intervention of electronics in the process of driving a car offends them. Researchers at IIHS believe that lane keeping systems are being improved every year and pretty soon, perhaps they will learn how to work more efficiently.