Lando Norris is not waiting for help from Hamilton

Lando Norris is not waiting for help from Hamilton

February 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Lando Norris makes his debut in Formula 1 at age 19, making him the youngest British driver in the history of the championship. Lando is glad for this, but does not count on the help of his compatriot Lewis Hamilton.

“I am definitely proud to be the youngest British racer,” quoted Norris Racefans. “I think this is a serious and cool achievement, but I didn’t call Lewis to ask him for advice, I don’t even have his phone.” I do not ask advice from people who are not personally acquainted.

I look at other drivers, not necessarily British, trying to learn from them. I take the example of Carlos Sainz, take the example of Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandorn. I learned a lot from them, and it helped me to become better.

As for Lewis, I shook hands with him at a press conference in Abu Dhabi, nothing more. Personally, I am not familiar with him, but I took an example from him. I admire Lewis – he is one of the best racers of all time.

I learned a lot from Fernando. Of course, he is not British, but I know him personally, and it’s great that I managed to learn a lot from him. As for Carlos, any racer wants to get ahead of his partner.

I hope we have a long-term project with McLaren. My goal is to progress and get better. I have to learn from Carlos, he has a lot of experience, he knows more than me. In many situations, he understands me better than how to act. I have to add in order to tell myself at the end of the year that I have really become stronger. ”