Land Rovers will learn to ride off-road without a driver

Land Rovers will learn to ride off-road without a driver

May 31, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The company Land Rover develops autonomous control systems for off-road and heavy weather conditions. Within the framework of the CORTEX project, it is planned to create a “five-dimensional” matrix of sensors capable of providing the fourth and fifth level of autonomy. The amount of investment in the development is 3.7 million pounds sterling.

Together with the University of Birmingham, Land Rover specialists develop stand-alone platforms that use the capabilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, optimize sensor performance and conduct system tests on off-road test sites in the UK.

The basis of the system of autonomous control of Land Rover is a “five-dimensional” matrix of sensors. It consists of acoustic sensors, cameras, radar, light detectors and laser range finders. The information from them comes to the computing platform, processed in real time and is used to make decisions regarding the construction of a safe route.

In November last year, information appeared that Ford was developing an autonomous control system for off-road vehicles. It is assumed that with the help of a microcomputer and sensors, the machines will be able to determine the nature of the obstacle and analyze the safety of its overcoming.