Land Rover will launch 6 electric vehicles by 2026

Land Rover will launch 6 electric vehicles by 2026

February 16, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

JLR CEO Thierry Ballor told about it.

During the presentation of the new brand development strategy, the CEO of Jaguar / Land Rover said that the concern will release six new electric vehicles by 2026, and by 2030 it will electrify all models in general. Note that Jaguar cars will also receive either an all-electric or hybrid powertrain.

JLR is expected to use two platforms. The first of these will be the MLA, on which gasoline and hybrid models will be built. The second will be EMA, a platform for hybrid and electric vehicles, which will soon debut in the redesigned Range Rover.

In addition, JLR has plans to build hydrogen cars. By producing such machines, the concern is expected to reach zero emissions by 2039. Recall that the first electric Land Rover will be released in 2024.