Land Rover is preparing an even more powerful version of the Defender SUV

Land Rover is preparing an even more powerful version of the Defender SUV

March 8, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Land Rover hints that the Defender SUV, even more powerful than the current Defender with a powerful V8 engine, will be able to compete with the German Mercedes-AMG G63. In addition, the car will get even more impressive off-road driving capabilities.

Since the best version of the car is always the next one, Land Rover is already talking about a more attractive Defender, which will be positioned above the version with a V8 engine under the hood – such an SUV was shown a couple of weeks ago (pictured). In an interview with the Australian magazine Carsales, the man who led JLR’s Special Vehicle Operations division hinted at the prospect of a more powerful Defender SV or SVX.

When asked why the current Defender V8 does not have either of the two suffixes in its name, Michael van der Sande explained that it lacks “the amount of technical changes you’d expect from an SV / SVX series vehicle.”

When asked about the details of the new SUV, he said, “Our purchase of the Bowler off-road company last year was very deliberate.”

He explained that the Defender SUV as it stands is “not good enough off-road.” Apparently, the new version of the car, which will be the flagship for the Defender, will receive more impressive off-road capabilities.

They say that the starting price of the new items will rise significantly compared to the regular Defender V8, which is no longer cheap. The two-door version of the 90-piece SUV starts at $ 97,200, while the big 110 four-door SUV will set you back $ 100,400. For comparison: Mercedes-AMG G63, which is positioned as the main competitor of the British novelty, is sold at a price of 156,450 dollars

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that the limited edition of the Land Rover Defender SUV was sold out in just 72 hours. Such a car boasts a striking appearance and a powerful power plant. A pleasant surprise from the company awaits all buyers.