Land Rover has a relative from India

Land Rover has a relative from India

December 4, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

What business, again these Indians, Chinese and other nationalities copy the legendary Land Rover! This time everything is legal. The fact is that since 2008, the Indian car brand Jaguar Land Rover has been owned by the Indian company Tata Motors.

Back in October of this year, the press service of the Indian company published images on which it was possible to make out the appearance of the Indian crossover.

We also note that at the beginning of this year, the H5X concept was shown, the serial embodiment of which is Tata Harrier.

A couple of hours ago, the automaker announced all the characteristics of its new product, as well as its configurations (4 out of all) – it is noteworthy that orders for a new product were taken a few weeks ago.

The Indian crossover is based on the Omega Arc platform, which is essentially a cheaper equivalent of the British D8. On the basis of the latter built many models of the company Jaguar Land Rover. At the crossover transverse arrangement of the power unit. Behind him is a semi-dependent suspension, while the Land Rover Discovery Sport uses an independent suspension for all 4 wheels.

The Tata Harrier crossover, which received only front-wheel drive, is 4,598 mm long, and the wheelbase is 2,741 mm. Ground clearance is 205 mm. Under the hood of the novelty is a 2.0-liter turbo diesel engine Multijet II 140 hp (350 Nm). He works in conjunction with a 6-speed manual transmission.