Land Rover Discovery completes African Malaria Expedition

Land Rover Discovery completes African Malaria Expedition

August 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Land Rover announced the completion of a mission to study malaria in Africa, for which the British created a specially equipped SUV Discovery. As part of the Mobile Malaria project, a team of their three Cambridge University researchers covered over 7350 km across Namibia, Tanzania, Zambia and Kenya.

Under a special mobile laboratory was allocated 1137 liters of luggage space. The equipment list included a cooling unit for storing samples, as well as a custom-designed frame loading system with special storage facilities for inventory and an additional camp battery.

In addition, the SUV was equipped with a sunshade, a jack, expedition rails, as well as LED headlights. For their work, specialists used the compact MinIONs genetic scanning devices.

Thanks to the SUV, experts were able to analyze DNA data in the most remote locations. A mobile laboratory made it possible to collect information within a few hours, although under normal conditions the preparation and delivery of samples could take several weeks.

“Malaria is one of the most dangerous infectious diseases in the world, with 90% of cases of infection concentrated in Africa. The main carriers of this disease, mosquitoes, exhibit varying degrees of resistance to drugs and insecticides throughout the region. And genetic analysis is the only way to get important information about the mechanism of these processes and possible ways to deal with them, ”the experts noted.