Land Rover Defender turned into a practical camper

Land Rover Defender turned into a practical camper

September 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

To live off the network and on the move, you always need to find a compromise between a large vehicle with everything you need, or a smaller one that is easier to drive, but only comes with essentials.

Fortunately, there are specialized companies such as Allied Conversions that are ready to work on Land Rover Defenders and turn it into a full-fledged motorhome, essentially creating liveable vehicles without sacrificing too many amenities. So, on the YouTube channel A Bus and Beyond, a video appeared with one of these models.

In the video you can see the Land Rover Defender 110, which has turned into a universal motorhome with very interesting features. All you have to do is provide the company with a car, and specialists will do the rest depending on your budget and taste. So, the model received a double bed that protects from the weather, as well as a canopy that folds neatly. The rear passenger doors give access to a storage space that is deep and well organized. There is even a 76-liter water tank and an inverter to charge and use any equipment. In addition, the shower head is located behind the magnetized number plate. The back door gives you access to the living room, where there is a stove and even more storage space.

While the caravan is deprived of a bathroom, buyers will receive a bunch of lockers with lighting, more drawers for small items, a sink and gas stove, as well as a small refrigerator and diesel heater for cold nights. There is even a set of tables and chairs, folded and easily accessible when you want to set up camp.