Land Rover Defender turned into a machine Hot Wheels

Land Rover Defender turned into a machine Hot Wheels

April 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The construction of the SUV took two years

Australian Brisbane resident Brian Reginald, along with his son, built his own version of the Land Rover Defender in the style of Hot Wheels toy cars. Alteration of an old SUV bought for one thousand Australian dollars into a low-rider took two years.

Brian and his son have been collecting Hot Wheels models for about 15 years. They served as inspiration for tuning the Defender. The SUV is built on the basis of a Land Rover Defender County model of 1985 and is equipped with air suspension and a V8 engine. The body is painted with fluorescent paint.

According to the owner, Hot Wheels Land Rover Defender can accelerate to 160-180 kilometers per hour. The cost of its construction amounted to about 30 thousand Australian dollars

In January, an ad for the sale of a Land Rover Defender, refined in the style of a car from the 24th James Bond movie “Spectrum”, appeared on the online auction site eBay. The SUV received a suspension that was lifted by five centimeters, extended wheel arches, a winch, an external frame, a roof rack and a ladder, additional lighting, a new hood, grille and steps, as well as 37-inch Maxis Trepador off-road tires.