Land Rover Defender SUV turned into a dream van

Land Rover Defender SUV turned into a dream van

September 15, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The web showed renders of the Land Rover Defender VanRover. The iconic SUV has noticeably changed, but the family traits are immediately apparent.

An unusual project was presented by Samirs Customs on the Instagram social network. Agree, it is rather unusual to look at the iconic Defender with a redrawn body.

The place of the familiar hood was taken by the front seats and a large windshield. However, this alteration looks quite harmonious. The result is a modern travel van with, apparently, excellent off-road qualities. At the same time, the van got a large roof rack that can accommodate everything that is required on a long journey.

Experienced Defender fans may find this project superfluous: they prefer the classic. However, those fans of the cult Defender who are not afraid of change will call the Defender VanRover project interesting.

The very architecture of the van with a cab hints at the fact that the car has enough room to accommodate a whole group of adventurers.
The only drawback is the very inconvenient location of the engine with this design. It had to be “walled up” under the salon – the masters at the maintenance stations would clearly not have appreciated this approach.

Earlier, AutoTimesNews said that Suzuki found a loophole and left its Suzuki Jimny SUV in the European market. True, for this he had to turn into a van. Now it is an LCV, and for such transport there are completely different environmental requirements.