Land Rover Defender from Ares Design: carbon suit, a new interior and boring engine

Land Rover Defender from Ares Design: carbon suit, a new interior and boring engine

July 18, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Work with the British SUV was carried out in an unconventional for the Italian car studio studio – an increase in engine capacity and a large amount of carbon was used.

Recall, the production of Land Rover Defender was completed in late 2016, but, as we reported earlier, a new generation of the model can be presented at the end of this year. Ares says that in this project, “every aspect” of Defender has been redesigned, as a result of which we received a new interior, an engine upgrade and a full body kit. Ares SUVs will even have a sunroof.

Aris Design co-founder Walid Al Gaffari described the new car as “Defender of all Defender”, while company head Dany Bahar said about the transformation of the iconic SUV: “Defender is an icon among cars, but icons can be rethought and our Defender ultra-embodiment of a custom SUV, with amazing performance, breathtaking looks and luxurious finishes, becoming more like a luxury SUV”.

In the engine compartment of the tuned Defender from Ares there is a petrol V8 Land Rover in capacity of 4,5 liters with a return of 278 hp and 439 Nm of torque, the working volume of which is increased to 4,748 cubic centimeters due to the increase in the diameter of the cylinders from 94 to 96 mm, new camshafts, modified cylinder head and injectors of increased size.

In addition, the car was equipped with a different exhaust manifold, an ITG air intake and, as a finishing touch, the sporting catalysts of Milltek and an exhaust system with a bypass valve for the V8-engine timbre coming through the four-barrel exhaust.

For those wishing to get a more powerful option, Ares can offer a version with a V8 compressor engine with a volume of 4 698 cubic centimeters, the output of which is 468 hp and 649 Nm of torque. In both versions, the motor is combined with a six-speed automatic.

The ground clearance of the SUV in the studio was increased by 75 mm for modification with an atmospheric and by 50 mm at the compressor station due to new springs, and also installed high-pressure dampers from Fox. Instead of stock front brake discs, more powerful AP Racing 362 × 32 mm with six-piston calipers are installed. The finishing touch was a set of 18-inch wheels Ares, shod in Cooper 305/70 tires.

Upgrades include: the expansion of wheel arches, the hood, the frame of the head optics and the radiator grille – all made of carbon fiber. Instead of standard bumpers installed reinforced, added underbody protection, additional LED light, reinforced front and rear towing points, side steps and steel roof rails.

In the salon, the standard front seats were replaced by new ones with hand-stitched leather upholstery, carbon and leather trim were added, and to relieve the space between the front seats, the mechanical parking brake was replaced with an electronic analog. Rugs on the floor are missing, but corrugated aluminum is probably a more practical option.

If you like the car and you would like to order one, there are no problems – 8 weeks for construction and a modest 190,000 pounds, not counting the cost of the donor car that you will have to provide.

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