Land Rover and Hulu will create a space SUV concept

Land Rover and Hulu will create a space SUV concept

September 15, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The company Land Rover and Hulu will join forces to create a unique concept that will combine modern technology and fantastic ideas. Now there are not many details, but you can look at the teaser video, which gives an understanding of the future model’s workability.

Hulu and Land Rover will work together to create the most technologically advanced concept. This car will be created in a single copy, and will participate in the shooting of the original “The First” series, which tells about a group of astronauts. In the plot, the car will be sent along with the colonists to the planet Mars.

In the fantastic series will participate two-time winner of the Academy Award, Sean Penn, and the unique Range Rover will be controlled by the character of Natasha McElhon, the visionary aerospace tycoon Laz Ingram.

“We are pleased to partner with Hulu for this fantastic series,” said Michael Courmay, director of marketing for the Jaguar Land Rover brand. “This will be an interesting experience with Westward Productions and Hulu. For the company this is a good chance to demonstrate the possible design of the Range Rover Sport in the 2030s and demonstrate it throughout the series. ”

Own team of designers Jaguar Land Rover worked with both Hulu and producers of the show Westward Productions to create a car that will appear in the show as an active prototype, although some effects were added to post-production using computer graphics.

And the design of the car is very similar to today’s version of the Range Rover Sport, but in a very redesigned and futuristic design. In addition, the car has a lot of conceptual technology. The show shows that the SUV has an opaque mirror glass, which turns into ordinary windows in a matter of seconds. In spite of the fact that similar technologies already exist, it is still unclear whether this will be graphics, or the current prototype.

Today begins the pilot series, and we will have the opportunity to take a more detailed look at the prototype.