Lancer Edition R – the new Evo Mitsubishi, which will never appear

Lancer Edition R – the new Evo Mitsubishi, which will never appear

January 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

No matter how tempting it may sound, the new generation of Lancer sedans is unlikely to be released. Priorities and goals have changed for the company, but enthusiasts do not lose heart.

Mitsubishi declined to develop the Lancer family of sedans in 2015, presenting the farewell version of the Last Edition on the market. Despite the fact that many fans continue to hope for the further development of the family – the company has no such plans. The fact is that the management of the company strives to produce as many crossovers as possible, and they believe that using the well-known name Lancer on a new SUV (as was the case with Mitsubishi Eclipse) is a good idea.

But what would happen if the Mitsubishi Lancer XI version appeared? Polish company Dytko Sport is trying to answer this question in collaboration with Proto Cars. The Poles have long specialized in the production of special parts for rally Lancers, and Proto Cars have extensive experience in creating new cars.

Details are not yet known, but it is assumed that they will take the Lancer Evo X as a basis, and will create a full-fledged sports car out of it. Preliminary name of the project Lancer Edition R.

At the moment, there are only full-fledged renders of the future car on the web, the technical part remains in secret.