Lance Stroll: We need to figure out how you can recoup

Lance Stroll: We need to figure out how you can recoup

June 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Racing Point was expected to have a difficult weekend in France, but still hoped for better results on Friday …

Sergio Perez (16th): “In the morning the new asphalt was very dusty, but during the day the condition of the road changed. That is why we have seen several turns and so many problems for many teams.

We did not bring serious new products and tried to optimize the operation of the machine. We found the right balance, appreciated the work of some of the elements that appeared on the car for several previous races. The car has a good potential, we are progressing, but we need to make a big step forward by tomorrow. “

Lance Stroll (18th): “It’s a difficult day, and we have taken lower positions than expected. Compared to Friday in Canada, we now have a lot of work – we need to figure out how we can recoup.

This route is difficult for the car, neck muscles suffer in long corners, but we train them specifically for this, so I feel pretty good. It is necessary to add speed on short series of laps, but on long series the car is more efficient, so I am sure that in the race we will be able to attack. “

Omar Safnauer, team leader: “Today we planned to improve the balance of the car and continue the analysis of the newly prepared aerodynamic elements, in particular the new bottom and front wing. Everything went according to plan, and we have gathered important information about the work of tires in hot conditions – similar to those that we will see in the race. In the evening, you need to analyze a lot of information in order to make the right decisions tomorrow. ”