Lance Stroll: I look forward to racing

Lance Stroll: I look forward to racing

March 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On Thursday in Barcelona, ​​Lance Stroll completed the pre-season tests. A Canadian drove 103 laps – more than in any of the previous days …

Lance Stroll (7th): “Another good day was a pleasant end to the pre-season preparation. Today I drove the maximum distance for all the days of tests and now I look forward to racing.

We continue to study our car – and on the highway, where on Friday it will work with Sergio, and on the basis of the team, to bring to Melbourne the most competitive specification. It is difficult to say at what positions we will be on the first weekend, because on tests everyone works according to different programs, but I start the season with a positive attitude. “

Tom McCullough, chief engineer: “In the previous six days of tests, we collected information and studied the behavior of the machine, and today we were directly involved in preparing for the stage in Melbourne.

For Lance, it was the last day of the tests, we performed a lot of procedures that we will repeat in Australia. In the morning we worked on speed, and in the second half of the day we concentrated on the long series and totally drove more than 100 laps. Friday will be the final day of preparation, with the machine will work Sergio Perez – for him, we have planned the same program, which today followed Lance “.