Lance Stroll: Father is very picky about me

Lance Stroll: Father is very picky about me

March 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Lance Stroll unsuccessfully spent last season at Williams behind the wheel of an uncompetitive car, but already during the championship his father, realizing that he couldn’t expect progress, bought a new team for his son, gathering a group of investors who bought out the assets of Force India.

In an interview with Le Journal de Montreal, Lance said he was very pleased with the state of affairs.

Lance Stroll: “I will not hide – I am very pleased with how things are going. After the failures of last year, I had hope again.

Worse than in 2018, could no longer be, but now my new team and I have the most serious goals. I want to help her succeed, the atmosphere in Racing Point is absolutely fantastic.

I am very happy that my father supports my career. He is very picky about me, but I myself have very high demands. He has achieved success in business and now wants to be successful in Formula 1. He is a real winner, from everyone in the team he expects everyone to give everything to the maximum, including from me. ”