Lamborghini will retain gasoline engines and become hybrids

Lamborghini will retain gasoline engines and become hybrids

June 22, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Company Lamborghini will continue to use gasoline engines V10 and V12 in future models of the supersport class. In particular, we are talking about the coupe Huracan and Aventador next generation. Such cars will not have versions with turbo-charged motors or aggregates with fewer cylinders. This is reported by Autocar with reference to the technical director of the brand Maurizio Reggiani.

“Each car has its own mission – says Reggiani – From which we will win the right engine. For Urus, a turbocharged engine is preferable, but for supercars we will still use atmospheric units.” At the same time, to meet the new environmental requirements, they will become the basis for hybrid power plants.

The first hybrid supercar Lamborghini, according to Reggiani, will be Aventador next generation. Following him, according to preliminary information in 2022, the electrified Huracan will enter the market.

Compensate the increase in weight after installing the electric motor and battery pack in Lamborghinin intend by using a new type of composite materials. Already, the company’s engineers, together with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, are developing a carbon fiber body that can accumulate electricity and act as a superconductor.

Demonstration stand of such technologies was the conceptual “supercar of the future” Lamborghini Terzo Millennio, presented in November last year. The car is equipped with an electric power plant, powered by super-condensers built into the body structure.