Lamborghini will miss the Geneva Motor Show

Lamborghini will miss the Geneva Motor Show

January 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Instead, the company organizes special events for its new products.

The Italian brand will miss the 90th Geneva Motor Show to focus on individual events where its cars will not have to share attention with competing models. The announcement was made today in a press release issued by Audi’s parent company.

In addition, the company reported record sales, which is not surprising, given that the brand launched sales of Urus, which made a significant contribution in 2019, as sales during the first half of the year grew by 182% from 1,761 units in 2018 to a whopping 4 962 cars.

In second place was a Huracan with a V10 engine with a total sales of 2,139 cars, and an Aventador with a V12 engine was sold in an amount of 1,110 copies worldwide.

Lamborghini is looking forward to 2020, as the launch of new models is on the agenda, but the press release does not contain any names as to what the products may be. However, this year there will be a Urus ST-X with a hybrid powerplant.

The same press release also officially confirms Lamborghini’s electrification plans by developing “hybrid options for all next-generation super sports vehicles.” In other words, the successors Aventador and Huracan are due to appear soon.

In conclusion, it should be noted that Lamborghini has already begun implementing its electrification plans with the most powerful Sian FKP 37 a.k.a production car, which was released in a limited edition of just 63 cars worth $ 3.6 million.