Lamborghini was able to create new material for electric batteries

Lamborghini was able to create new material for electric batteries

November 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The first results of the collaboration of the Italian brand with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) were reported by the Lamborghini press service. The new material will create supercapacitors with a capacity twice as high.

Manufacturers of supercars came up against one problem when creating powerful electric cars – this is battery technology. Modern technologies are not suitable for mass production due to the low power output. The only way out is to use supercapacitors.

 Lamborghini previously announced a partnership with MIT, and the first results are ready. Scientists were able to synthesize the first samples of a new material based on the concept of metal-organic frame structures. This will double the capacity of supercapacitors already used in Lamborghini hybrid systems. Although there are no reports of practical tests yet.

In addition to creating new material for car batteries, Lamborghini and MIT-Italy are working on another project. Its goal is the creation of fundamentally new forms and principles of the layout of batteries. As a result, systems should appear that allow the introduction of electric batteries into the vehicle’s power structure.

In the meantime, the racing version of the Lamborghini Urus went for tests. The first crossover of the Italian brand is being prepared for the racing series.