Lamborghini unveils first Aventador racing video teaser

Lamborghini unveils first Aventador racing video teaser

October 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Track modification of a luxury supercar is preparing to enter public competitions. A new teaser has appeared on the official channel of the racing division Lamborghini on the social network Youtube. We were shown close-ups of a future novelty.

Lamborghini, or rather its sports division is preparing to introduce a new model, built on the basis of Aventador. Judging by the new video teaser, she will receive dramatic changes in comparison with the civilian version. First of all, the body will change. It will likely be made entirely of composite materials and carbon fiber. The model will lose optics and get new aerodynamic elements.

The body design used the Lamborghini signature green color. In addition, the distinctive feature of the livery will be large numbers “63” in honor of the year the company was founded (1963). The remaining parts will be made of unpainted carbon fiber, and some elements will receive a red border.

 As a power unit will be used a naturally aspirated engine of 6.5 liters V12. Its capacity will be 830 horsepower. A sports sequential gearbox with six steps will work together with him. Another feature will be the Brembo brakes, as well as wheels shod in Pirelli tires, on disks with a single central nut attached to the hub.

It is expected that the model will be called the Lamborghini Aventador SVR. The premiere of the track supercar will take place in 2020. And rumors say that circulation will be limited to just 40 units.