Lamborghini shows the process of coloring the Urus crossover – a fascinating sight!

Lamborghini shows the process of coloring the Urus crossover – a fascinating sight!

July 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The guys from the Italian company have published a video that shows the process of painting the body of the crossover Urus.

Usually we want you to first read our articles before watching the video, but this time let’s make an exception for this video, which was published by the Lamborghini press service a few minutes ago. Enjoy watching!

In what looks like a trailer for another sci-fi action movie in which artificial intelligence captures the whole world, Lamborghini decided to go the other way and present its latest innovation – the high-tech paint shop for the Urus crossover.

The new paint shop is located in Sant’Agata-Bolognese (Italy), as a continuation of the existing plant there. With 80,000 square meters, the plant’s production capacity has been expanded to 160,000 square meters. What for? To accommodate modern equipment that facilitates the high-tech body painting process of the fast and powerful Lamborghini Urus crossover.

The enterprise “presents technologically advanced systems with low environmental impact and highly skilled workers.” Well, from the video, it seems that Lamborghini has just described the robots that have taken over the world. I’m kidding, of course. On the contrary, the new plant requires 200 additional employees, and more than half of them have already started working at the facility. These newly hired workers went through a whole year of special training.

New paint shop Lamborghini Urus different modular flow, which provides maximum flexibility and efficiency during the entire painting process. With all this in mind, the new Lamborghini paint shop offers a higher degree of Urus paint personalization. The colors are divided into four parts: standard, special, matte and Ad Personam, the latter offering buyers to create their own unique special colors.