Lamborghini Huracan turned into a hypercar with 850 horsepower

Lamborghini Huracan turned into a hypercar with 850 horsepower

September 23, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Legendary sports car Lamborghini Huracan has got a couple of hundred additional “horses” under the hood. The Italian supercar moved to the class of hypercar after TR3 Performance specialists awarded it with double turbo.

Specialists TR3 Perfomance came up with how to make the Lamborghini Huracan even more powerful. The bike did not have to be invented – the spurper was only equipped with a double turbo. Thanks to this engineering manipulation, the engine output increased from 610 hp up to 850. Such a transformation required changes in the appearance of the car, as well as its functionality.

So, with the purchase of additional “horses” Lamborghini Huracan has lost some of its capacity: the front trunk is designed for a liquid intercooler.

In addition, the newly minted hypercar lost its rear end and bumper – now you can easily see the elegant engine, fascinating with its perfect lines and proportions. The improved Huracan also received new forged wheels of different sizes – 9 × 20 in front and 12.5 × 21 at the rear.

To be fair, it is worth noting that Lamborghini Huracan was repeatedly subjected to various kinds of alterations. For example, the authors of one of the projects brought the power of the sports car engine to a record 3 thousand horsepower. However, the 850-strong version is considered by experts to be the most suitable for ordinary roads.

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