Lamborghini has sent carbon into space for future supercars

Lamborghini has sent carbon into space for future supercars

October 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

For the first time, a car company will conduct research on board an international space station

Lamborghini has shipped five samples of composites to the International Space Station, developed as part of a joint study with the Houston Institute of Methodological Research. The purpose of the project is to analyze the stability of materials to extreme loads in space and to evaluate the prospects for their use in biomedicine. In addition, this carbon fiber will be used in supercars.

A joint Lamborghini project and the Institute for Methodological Research were initiated two years ago. The main task of scientists was to study the biocompatibility of composite materials. The study had to find out whether new types of composites could be used in implants and subcutaneous medical devices because of their advantages such as low mass, radio transparency, and electromagnetic compatibility.

Lamborghini has become the first automaker to conduct scientific research at the International Space Station. For this purpose, five samples of composites with different properties were delivered there. Among them is a continuous-fiber polymer printed on a 3D printer, whose mechanical strength is aluminum, several variants of plastic reinforced with short “threads”, as well as traditional autoclaved prepregs, which offer the best resistance to mechanical impact to date.

On board the ISS for six months, these materials are subjected to extreme temperature loads with fluctuations between -40 and +200 degrees Celsius, massive doses of ultraviolet and gamma radiation, as well as atomic oxygen and solar radiation. Upon returning to Earth, scientists will check the level of chemical and physical degradation of materials, and use the obtained data to improve the old and create new samples of carbon fiber.