Lamborghini has published a photo of a racing car without a roof

Lamborghini has published a photo of a racing car without a roof

October 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The automaker posted a photo of the camouflaged racing car. The car received the same disguise as the previously shown racing Essenza SCV12. The mysterious car has no roof, side windows and windshield.

an Italian brand has posted a very interesting photo in their social media. networks. It is curious that this picture was posted by the guys from the racing division of Lamborghini Squadra Corse, which makes us think that we are dealing with a new racing car.

If the markings of the camouflage film applied to the body of the “novelty” seem familiar, it is because it was used by the Italian brand in preparation for the world premiere of the exclusive Essenza SCV12 racing coupe. The unusual car also has the inscription “Attenzione Macchina Veloce” on the doors, which translates as “Attention Fast Car”. The only difference between the previously shown Essenza SCV12 is that the new item also has the inscription “Aperta” (“Open”) to indicate the obvious.

This car is very similar in appearance to the Essenza SCV12, which has lost its roof.

It looks like a car without a roof in the truest sense of the word, because the convertible roof is not visible behind the seats. Maybe it has some kind of removable canopy, although we tend to believe that the car has no top at all. It also lacks door windows and windshield. It is worth noting that at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, the Italian brand has already shown the Aventador J (Jota) speedster – without windows, windshield and roof.

The prototype shown this time around doesn’t look as hardcore as the aforementioned Essenza SCV12 racing car, as it doesn’t have a huge rear wing, but it still has an advanced rear aerodynamic kit.

No matter what the car is, it definitely doesn’t look like it can be driven on public roads.

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